To see the youth, in their pursuit of excellence. approach life scientificaly behave morally and shoulder duties responsibly towards the making of the state and the nation. To equip science graduate and post-graduate with skills of practical use.


To disseminate scientific knowledge and technology, Its application ant to make efforts to make knowledge within the reach of the common man.


1. To impart scientific knowledge and technological knowledge with reference to the modern age. To healp young learners realize  that science and technology, both hand in hand can enrich and develop personality, thus promising a life and advancement and success.

2. To train the youth to develop the self - confidence within themselves so that they can live as enlightended dutiful and risponsible citizens with the ideal of coexistence.

CORE Values

  • Teaching-Learning:
  • The institute pursues academic excellence in teaching, learning and research activities to serve the best values to prime stake holders. All prime stake holder and faculty are fostered to strive for success with this value in their respective areas of work/study within college.
  • Research innovation and Extensions:
  • The institution always be ready for starving continuously for excellence in research, innovation extension activities and outreach programmes. So, students and faculties can contribute in the nation’s progress.
  • Institutional Values:
  • The institutional value and promote all aspect of diversity. Wealways maintain a campus culture that welcome diversity of class, colour, and harmony and prepares our prime stake holders to become effective and responsible citizens of the nation. We orient the students towards the important of environment and bio-diversity through different programme. We always inspire our students the respect to women because it includes the practice of the principles of both liberty, crime free and peaceful society.
  • Student Support and Progression:
  • We are committed to fostering the profession and personal growth of our prime stake holders by promoting life long learning and leadership development with values and ethics.